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The "Affordable Housing" Hoax: Staten Island's North Shore

UP FRONT News      November 21, 2015
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Published by Tom Weiss
Andrew Mazzone - Media Representative and Economics Advisor
Allen Smith - Economics Reporter
Steven Gradman - Internet Advisor
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  The fact that so-called "affordable housing" exists in New York City in and of itself implies that the City has "unaffordable" housing. In fact most of the housing in New York City, especially the stuff being built (check the Real Estate Section of the Sunday New York Times) is unaffordable. And the political reality that the profit-obsessed real estate developer lobby controls many "conservative" Republican and "liberal" Democrats  - many of the latter beholden to for example Hillary Clinton, whose relationship to Wall Street bankers and their developer pals domestic and foreign is a matter of record, Mrs. Clinton's opportunistic populist rhetoric notwithstanding - means that, in the absence of some heavy grass roots resistance, it's going to get worse.
   A "developing" gentrification war is taking place in the North Shore neighborhoods of the "forgotten borough" of Staten Island, the home to a mega-development expansion, with its nucleus the now under construction "world's largest ferris wheel" a few feet from the Staten Island Ferry terminal in St. George. While homelessness in Staten Island - and the rest of New York City - continues to spike, the acres of housing being rapidly built along the so-called Bay Street Corridor encompassing the neighborhoods of St. George, Tompkinsville, Stapleton (where I live) and Clifton (where police victim Eric Garner lived) will not reduce homelessness in any way. What it will do is alter the nature of the referenced working class neighborhoods in ways similar to what has happened in the erstwhile "affordable" Lower Manhattan neighborhood now known as TriBeCa, where I lived, a neighborhood now "affordable" to such working class heroes as Billy Crystal, Mariah Carey, Gwyneth Paltrow, Deron Williams, Jay-Z and  Beyonce, et. al.
   A advertisement in a New York City newspaper recently announced  that "applications are now being accepted for 142 rental apartments" at a project "being financed by NYS Homes and Community Renewal (HCR)" at 625 West 57th Street, between 11th and 12th Avenues in Manhattan - only a few blocks from Carnegie Hall and some of the world's most expensive and "unaffordable" skyscraper apartments.
  Fourteen studio apartments at that location are available at a certainly reasonable $565 monthly rent. Here's the catch. The maximum allowable income is $24,200 annually. That means Alex Rodriguez or Hillary Clinton (her complaint about being "broke" notwithstanding), and ex-NYS Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver can't get in. Pity! The minimum income is $19,622 annually. That means that I am one of a lot of low income people who also can't get in.
 Some months ago I had a meeting with some staffers at the office of New York State Assembly member Walter Mosley (D.-Bklyn.). During that meeting I emphasized that there is something unacceptably ironic about "affordable" housing that excludes the poor. They did not disagree. Presumably Governor Andrew Cuomo, Mayor Bill de Blasio, the very adequately "compensated" electeds in the NYS Legislature and the NYC Council - none of whom are presumably on the cusp of homelessness - can rectify this situation.
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                                                                            UP FRONT News    November 19, 2015
                                                                   "The paper that won't be bought and can't be sold."
Published by Tom Weiss
Andrew Mazzone - Media Representative and Economics Advisor
Allen Smith - Economics Reporter
Steven Gradman - Internet Advisor
 The views expressed in UP FRONT News are those of the publisher or of the contributing writer and do not necessarily represent the views of staff.
      Some years, when the New York City Council was a de facto colony of then New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, with autocratic control exercised by his close ally Council Speaker, Queen Christine Quinn,  Ms. Quinn surreptitiously introduced a bill backed by Bloomberg to have give salary increases to the City Council and a handful of already excessively "compensated" Bloomberg aides. I found out about the required public hearing via a small article in an inside page of the Daily News by then reporter Frank Lombardi (no connection to "Frank Lombardi" of the motorcycle shop on Bay Street in Stapleton, Staten Island).
 I decided to testify in opposition to what was of course a done deal under the "Quinnberg Dictatorship."
 It was at that hearing that I first met then NYC Council member Tony Avella (D.-Queens), who has since been elected to the New York State Senate.
 Mr. Avella, who was not a member of the Quinn-controlled Council Committee holding the hearing, came to testify as to his opposition to a resolution that correctly depicted as a greedy maneuver grossly inappropriate in the City of the Homeless and the Marginal. The Council, which under Queen Quinn operated not unlike the Spanish Cortes under fascist dictator Francisco Franco in Spain or the Soviet Duma under Stalin, of course passed the bill. As far as I am aware, Mr. Avella refused to accept  the salary increase, which may have reduced his budget for Christmas presents.
   The Daily News and other media recently reported that, as reporter Jennifer Fermino of the News put it, some members of the City Council "have been quietly plotting to raise their salaries from the current $112,500 base to $192,500." And we wonder why anarchism is so appealing to some New Yorkers?
 To her credit unlike Queen Quinn, current NYC Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito (D.-East Harlem) has expressed her opposition to such a ripoff of the public.
  Speaker Viverito is also now in a position of dealing with the Council member who may be among the most dishonest and ethically compromised in an already corruption-tainted New York City Council. Debi Rose (D.-S.I.), whom I made the mistake of supporting when she ran for the Council in 2009, is under the entirely mistaken impression that her job is to help her political friends and to deny services to those, such as me, who are politically independent and actually politically challenge Machine Democrats such as Hillary Clinton, the actually Mob (Chief of Staff Robert Cataldo)-linked New York State Senator Diane Savino and the lamentable Machine puppet Assembly member Matthew ("No Saint") Titone, all of whom are corrupt to the core and, their often populist rhetoric notwithstanding, are directly involved in the "legal" and political coverup of the police lynching of Eric Garner and other human rights matters.
   Some Jews have sometimes accused ex-NYC Council member and now NYS Assembly member Charles Barron (D.-Bklyn.) of being "anti-Semitic." Those Jews, some of whom are much too quiet about anti-Semitism in Staten Island, are wrong. I have disagreed with some if Mr, Barron's statements about Israel and I believe that Mr. Barron is not as strong on international issues as he is on domestic matters. He understands the noxious power of the real estate/banker lobby. Her understands that Hillary Clinton represents that lobby. And when Mr. Barron warned me some years ago that Debi Rose as not as "independent" as she sounds, he showed me that he understands Debi Rose!!!
 When it comes to anti-Semitism in the New York City Council the person to look at is Debi Rose.
 For years Ms. Rose's closest political advisor has been the now indicted ("grand larceny") David Jones, who in his capacity with the grouplet somewhat euphemistically calling itself Peace Action of Staten Island, has become notorious for demonizing Israel and and defending such beacons of peace and democracy as the Holocaust-denying Israel-bashing theocracy in Iran and the sadistic regime in charge in the slave state of North Korea. David Jones is known in the Jewish community in Staten Island as "the Israel basher." He is also known as "Hitler Eyes." Here's why.
   Despite the continued news suppression by New York City's most politically corrupt newspaper, the multibillionaire Donald Newhouse-owned Staten Island Advance, which as been protecting the politically corrupt of both parties in S.I. for decades, a great many readers of UP FRONT News now know that David Jones is a also an attempted Tom Weiss basher, having perpetrated a number of "Hitler Eyes"-blazing explicit threats of violence against me over the years, including one frightening attempted assault on me at a candidates forum several years ago in the parking lot at Rev. Dr. Demetrius S, Carolina's First Central Baptist Church in Stapleton, S.I.
   For years Debi Rose has responded to my requests for constituent assistance with machinations. In 2012 it took a strong letter from Ed Josey, the President of the S.I. branch of the NAACP, sent to her at my request, before she agreed to meet. There were two meetings. The first was taken up by Debi's filibuster, perhaps one of the longest such action since of the the days of U.S. Senator Strom Thurmond. The second meeting, again with Mr. Josey present, wound up with Ms. Rose rudely walking out of the meeting room as I offered her documentation of misconducts against me at several NYC-contracted senior citizens centers and at the NYC Department for the Aging, as she went to her office to call the Chief of New York Council security to threaten me with arrest (which he did), she left me with her staffer, Antonio Whitaker, who used the opportunity to advance menacingly to within a centimeter of my face and, in a Muhammad Ali-Joe Frazier pre-Round One face-off, whispered a threat and made non-accidental physical contact with me. Under the law that kind of behavior is known as "criminal harassment." The perps in my complaint to the NYPD are New York City Council member Debi Rose and Antonio Whitaker. I've reported everything to the NYC Department of Investigation.
  Ms. Rose also later collaborated with her pal Queen Quinn to have me "banned" from Council offices at 250 Broadway, as I learned on September 22, 2012 when I arrived there with my invitation from then NYC Council member James Gennaro (D.-Queens) to testify against fracking at a public hearing of his Council Committee on Environmental Protection.
  A few months ago Ms. Rose resumed sending me her emails, including inviting me to attend her "Community Fair" on October 24 in Tappen Park in  Stapleton. I replied with an acceptance of her invitation and in my reply email requested an appointment with her, which would include Rabbi Gerald Sussman of Temple Emanu-el in Port Richmond, S.I. I saw her at the event and told her about my email and that Rabbi Sussman would be present at an appointment. Ms. Rose gave me a Cheshire Cat smile and told me to send an appointment request email to her scheduler Stephanie Layne.
 Ms .Rose and her scheduler, the sometimes polite and sometimes rude Stephanie Layne, have for several weeks had two emails from me and one from Rabbi Sussman. No reply.
   Some years ago during one of my face to face conversations with one of Staten Island's most important African-American religious and civil rights leaders he diplomatically acknowledged that, to use his words, "Debi Rose does not hire the best people." He got that right, a reality substantiated by complaints I've received from others about constituent service refusal and inadequate assistance.
  I've sent all the information - including the evidence of anti-Semitic sentiment on her part - to Speaker Viverito.
 A couple of years ago when then Republican U.S. Congressman started getting into serious trouble, Ms. Rose contacted her pal Tom Wrobleski, arguably one of the worst political reporters in America, and at the time the Political Editor of at the Staten Island Advance, to let him know that she was interested in becoming a member of Congress. That resulted in Wrobleski's banner headline, reporting that Ms. Rose was "mulling" a run for Congress. that trial balloon wound up like the German Hindenburg dirigible in New Jersey. In a recent conversation with me about the 2016 congressional election Rabbi Sussman said without hesitation that Debi Rose has "no chance.": He got that right! 
  In any event a raise for Debi Rose?  Maybe it's time to consider merit-based pay for (s)elected officials in the New York City Council. That could save a lot of money!
  Debi's Rose's term ends - at the latest - on December 31, 2017. "Praise the Lord" for term limits.
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UP FRONT News  November 14, 2015 
"The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold."   
Published by Tom Weiss
Andrew Mazzone - Media Representative and Economics Advisor
Allen Smith - Economics Reporter
Steven Gradman - Internet Advisor 
  The views expressed in UP FRONT News are those of the publisher or opf the contributing writer and do not necessaily represent the views of staff.
     The late Rev. Dr. Timothy P. Mitchell of the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Flushing Queens, a close friend an associate of Rev. Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. (and a friend of mine) during an interview in 1993 with me for my article for Downtown Magazine (no longer published), describe the Chinese Communist occupation of formerly independent Tibet as "genocide" and an attack on the Tibetans' "faith." Dr. Mitchell was of course 100% correct.
   It is relevant to point out here that Dr. Mitchell remains one of the relatively few African-American leaders to have spoken out about a human rights disaster that is racist to the core, as it involves the oppression of the ethnically, culturally and linguistically distinct relatively dark-complexioned Tibetans by the light complexioned Han Chinese. Other African-Americans who have spoken out include Dr. Cornel West, with whom I am acquainted and who has told me privately and said publicly that he is for self-determination for Tibet. U.S. Congressman John Conyers (D.-Michigan) has been very critical of the totalitarian governnmrt of "Communist" China on the Tibet issue. Rev. Dr. Demetrius S. Carolina, Sr. of the largely African-American First Central Baptist Church in Staten Island, after discussing the issue with me and reading UP FRONT News, in a very well attended sermon several years ago, denounced the Chinese government and later sent me his statement calling for independence for Tibet.
  It is also relevant to identify some African-American "leaders", such as NYC Councilmember Debi Rose (D.-S.I.) and the politically entrenched Rev. Dr. Tony Baker/Rev. Agnes Baker/"Deacon" John McBeth of St. Philips Baptist Church in Staten Island, who have been made fully aware of the Tibet matter by me and who have chosen to remain silent. I do not know if Rev. Al Sharpton, with whom I've been acquainted for some years since he and I were introduced by his close friend Dr. Mitchell, has spoken out on Tibet.
  In the Congress the most vocal person on this issue is U.S. Representative Chris Smith (R.-N.J.), who is the Chair of the Congressional Executive Commission on China (CECC.gov). (One of his constitents is Dr. Carolina.) I have met on several occasions in Washington with CECC Staff Director Paul Protic, who has responded warmly to my proposal for a congressional resolution that would have the U.S. formally acknowlege the nationhood of Tibet and call for the withdrawal of all foreign (i.e. Chinese) military and police personnel from Tibet. The leading U.S. Senator on the CECC is Marco Rubio (R.-Fla.), who may well be the must human rights sensitive Republican candidate for President  - and as such the Republican with the best chance of defeating empress-wannabe Hillary Clinton, should Mrs. Clinton and her pals on Wall Street succeed in purchasing the Democratic Party nomination. I met Sen. Rubio briefly last July 23 in Washington after he spoke eloquently on the subject of Chinese Communist religious oppression of Christians, Muslims and (Tibetan) Buddhists at a CECC public hearing I attended. I've also met on several occasions with Rubio appointee Elyse Anderson, the CECC Deputy Director.
  In New York City the most outspoken elected official is New York State Senator Tony Avella (D.-Queens) who, when he was a member of the New York City Council, at my behest introduced NYC Council Resolution #1299, which called for the removal of the 2008 Olympic Games from China because of the occupation of Tibet. Among the co-sponsors of  Resolution #1299 was then NYC Councilmember Letitia James, who is now NYC Public Advocate. The resolution was killed by the Wall Street/Hillary Clinton ambassador to the New York City Council, then Speaker Christine Quinn.
   On May 21 after a bunch of phone calls and emails from me to U.S. Senator Bernard Sanders, his then Press Secretary Jeff Frank sent me Mr. Sanders's statement, which calls for "self determination for the Tibetan people" and adds that "approximately 150 Tibetans live in Vermont."
   Since then, however, although Mr. Sanders references Tibet on his presidential campaign website, he has remained silent on that issue in his campaign. That is potentially a huge mistake, as Mrs. Clinton's silence on that issue (I know because I ran against her for the U.S. Senate in 2005-06; visit www.tomweissforussenate.blogspot.com) is a reflection of her ties to the (China Lobby) billionaires that Bernie blasts in his campaign. Bernie Sanders's strategy of avoiding criticism of Mrs. Clinton - manifested in his really foolish expressed sympathies for her regarding the email mess she created in her devious obsession with secrecy and lying - is creating the unseemly possibility that he will snatch defeat from the jaws of an upset victory. But, as I've suggested, if Mrs. Clinton becomes the Democratic Party nominee, and the Republicans don't implode by picking Trump/Carson/ Cruz Bush/Paul/
Fiorina/Christie/Huckabee/Pataki or maybe even Napoleon Bonaparte or Pontius Pilate, an articulate and apparent human rights-oriented conservative such as Marco Rubio would probably make Hillary a two time loser.
 The November 12 edition of the NY Times - whose columnist Maureen Dowd requested my UP FRONT News articles and other information on how the China Lobby-linked Bill and Hillary Clinton have covered up the Tibet issue, which I've sent to her but whose assistant Alex Thompson plays hide and seek when it comes to sending emailed acknowledgements - contains a story out of Beijing by reporter Edward Wong under the headline "Party to 'Punish' Followers of Dalai Lama in Tibet." The "Party" is the Chinese Communist Party.The Communist Party Chief in Tibet, Chen Quanguo - the political and administrative equivalent of the Nazi "gauleiter", such as the Reinhard Heydrich, Hitler's guy in occupied
Czechoslovakia - has started a campaign to "seek out" Party members who fake atheism and who secretly "worship" the Dalai Lama. Punishment under the de facto fascist government of China, can lead to imprisonment, torture and death. 
 That is China's answer to the Dalai Lama's "Middle Way" proposal, a response which amounts to the Chinese Communist version of "The F Word."
 The Chinese Communist occuapation of formerly independent Tibet has led to the deaths of an estimated 1.2 million Tibetans. The Chinese Communists have a record of the wide use of the most gruesome tortures, which they inflict on Tibetan monks and nuns and on the followers of Falun Gong (Falun Dafa).
  Rabbi Gerald Sussman of Temple Emanu-el in Staten Island, who has also spoken out about Tibet, in a recent sermon described the super-violentHamas people who want to
 annihilate Israel as "the new Nazis."
  That term certainly applies to the Chinese Communists.
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UP FRONT News   November 5, 2015
"The paper that won't be bought and can't be sold."
Published by Tom Weiss
Andrew Mazzone - Media Representative and Economics Advisor
Steven Gradman - Political Consultant
Allen Smith - Economics Reporter
www.tomsdupfrontnews.blogspot.com  tomfreejournalist@gmail.com  tomsupfrontnews@yahoo.com
  The views expressed in UP FRONT News are those of the publisher or of the the contributing writer and do not necessarily represent the views of staff.
     Key errors by some extravagantly "compensated" New York Mets contributed in a major way to their loss to the Kansas City Royals in the recent World Series. The analogy with the "contest" for Staten Island District Attorney between Democrats Machine candidate Michael McMahon and Republican Machine candidate Joan Illuzzi, however, goes no further because the Royals were more qualified professionally for the championship than was election winner McMahon for his new job.
    Some UP FRONT News political predictions actually do come to pass. Whereas the Staten Island Advance predicted a close race in the 2014 race for Congress between Democrat Domenic Recchia and Republican Michael Grimm, in the wake of articles in the Daily News and UP FRONT News reporting Recchia's favor to a convicted mobster and his unsatisfactory voting record on human rights issues in the New York City Council, I predicted that Grimm would win easily. It was a near landslide. And when it comes to landslides I predicted that my (Temple Emanu-el, Staten Island) acquaintance, the amiable Democrat Gary Carsel, one of a number of "liberal" Democrats ("The Reticence of the Jews" in UP FRONT News) who have chosen to remain silent about major corruption and Mob (Robert Cataldo/SenatorDiane Savino) influence in the S.I. Democratic Party, would lose the 2014 Senate race to Republican Andrew Lanza (whom I endorsed) by an even greater margin than happened 2012. The results: Lanza 81%, Carsel 19%.
   Several weeks ago I had a friendly meeting with Ms. Illuzzi in her New Dorp campaign headquarters and discussed with her my problems with Mike McMahon and suggested that she consider addressing the Eric Garner killing by publicly calling upon P.O. Daniel Pantaleo, video-witnessed fatally choke holding Eric Garner, to come clean with the public and issue a statement as to what took place that day in Tompkinsvile. Certainly Pantaleo is in a position to comment not onlyy about his reported use of a "seat belt maneuver" to bring down Mr. Garner but also whether Mr. Garner was in fact selling untaxed cigarettes on that occasion. Ms. Illluzzi told me that she'd think about it.
  I filled her in on then NYC Council member Mike McMahon's demonization of the late African-American activist Sonny Carson and also about the very dangerous mobster Robert Cataldo, the Chief of Staff to Senator Savino, Cataldo being identified as a "member of the Sicilian Mob" by a quite prominent and somehat less than "reticent" Jew, Mendy Mirocznik, who is a major official in the S.I. Democratic Party and also the President of the Council of Jewish Organizations of S.I.
  I also suggested that Ms. illuzzi would do well to reach out to the African-American communuity in North Shore neighborhood as Stapleton, Clifton,
Tompkinsville, Port Richmond, Mariners Harbor ,New Brighton, et. al.  I recall a recent conversation I had with Council of Jewish Organizations member Rabbi Gerald Sussman of Temple Emanu-el in Port Richmond - who tends to be more outspoken on, for example, antisemitism and human rights violations overseas than he is about similar problems in Staten Island - and he confessed to me that he didn't even know about Joan Illuzzi. It is also true that Rabbi Sussman understandably has a low regard for the political reporting in what Rev. Dr. Demetrius S. Carolina, Sr. of the largely African-American First Central Baptist Church describes as the "controlled" Staten Island Advance.
 In several emails I sent to Ms. Illuzzi I suggested that her campaigning with Rudy Giuliani would shore up right wing Republican votes she would get anyway but would have the effect of alienating, among others, black voters.
  One of her campaign workers, ex-Mike Grimm staffer Joe Shikhman, assured me that I would get an emailed reply to my suggestions. I didn't. I never vote for a candidate who makes promises and reneges.
  Ms. Illuzzi ignored the Eric Garner killing civil rights issue. She ignored the Mike McMahon vs. Sonny Carson issue, She ignored the Democratic Machine Mob issue. She ignored the identified ethnically diverse North Shore neighborhoods of the 61st Assembly District - and that's where McMahon's Democratic Party Machine pulled the most votes.
  Mets pitcher Matt Harvey over-extended himself in the ninth inning in game five against the Kansas City Royals. Joan illuzzi overextended herself with Rudy Giuliani and under-extended herself in Staten Island's North Shore. They both paid the price.
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UP FRONT News       Hallowe'en, 2015
"The paper that won't be bought and can't be sold."
Published by Tom Weiss
Andrew Mazzone - Media Representative and Economics Advisor
Steven Gradman - Political Consultant
Allen Smith - Economics Reporter
www.tomsupfrontnews.blogspot.com    tomfreejournalist@gmail.com   tomsupfrontnews@yahoo.com
 The views expressed in UP FRONT News are those of the publisher or of the contributing writer and do not necessarily represent the views of staff.
   The late great investigative journalist I.F. Stone understood politics. He made that clear when he coined the axiom, "Governments lie."
    It is also true that the often overpaid politicians in those governments do not lie all the time. Even Adolf Hitler, the master of what he called "The Big Lie" (which, if repeated often enough, Hitler theorized, will be believed by the masses), included some truths in his rants and writings. A politician who lies  consistently becomes predictable and thereby vulnerable to exposure and ultimately dis-empowerment. Richard ("I am not a crook") Nixon was both paranoid and predictable.
  Among those occasions when competing politicians opportunistically tell the truth is when they accuse the opposition of lying and other sins. During the Hurricane Katrina disaster, major government negligences by Democratic President Bill Clinton and his Republican successor George W. Bush contributed to a major loss of life in New Orleans, with each party correctly blaming the other. Bill Clinton found better things to do with public federal dollars rather than build up the barriers around below sea level N.O., leaving the city vulnerable to a tsunami experience. The Bush Administration's response was hesitating and lots of poor people died.                           
  In the contest for Staten Island District Attorney between the Democratic and Republican Party Machines that, over the years, have given Staten Islanders crooks such as the late Congressman Democrat John ("Abscam") Murphy, Republicans Vito Fossella and Michael Grimm, and currently Diane (Cataldo) Savino, Democrat Mike McMahon and Republican Joan Illuzzi accuse each other of lying. They're both right.
  Mike McMahon's literature emphasizes his "integrity" and "fairness." As far as I am concerned that claim is a lie in itself. As a Democrat McMahon campaigns heavily in the African-American communities mostly in neighborhoods such as Stapleton, Tompkinsville, Port Richmond, et. al. on Staten Island's ethnically diverse and rapidly gentrifying North Shore ("NoSho"). I am quite certain that he mentions not a syllable from his oration when he was a member of the New York City Council denouncing the late and quite confrontational black activist Sonny Carson in connection with a City Council resolution to rename several blocks of a street in Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn after Mr. Carson in acknowledgment of his work in fighting drug traffickers in the neighborhoods and his major involvement in the creation of Medgar Evers College. I attended the Council meeting where the debate and vote took place. From my perspective the issue was one of community self-determination, a position accepted by then NYC Council member, and now NYS Senator Tony Avella (D.-Queens), whom I urged to vote for the resolution, which he did.
  Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his ally, the autocratic Council Speaker Christine Quinn, and Ms. Quinn's very very very close ally Mike McMahon didn't merely oppose the resolution but went to the lengths of demonizing Mr. Carson in a way that would have the uneducated conclude that Carson was a black Adolf Hitler. (The resolution was defeated, albeit by a much closer vote than anticipated given the quite dictatorial power of the Bloomberg/Quinn axis.
  McMahon, a fervent supporter of Hillary Clinton in her unsuccessful battle with Barack Obama for the 2008 Democratic Party nomination, quickly attached himself to Obama's coattails in the general election and got elected to the Congress in 2008.
  When McMahon ran for re-election in 2010 against Republican challenger Mike Grimm, in a talk before a full house at the largely African-American First Central Baptist Church in Stapleton I reminded voters of Mike McMahon vs. Sonny Carson. I went into more detail in an article in UP FRONT News. McMahon was one of the very few incumbents to lose, as he was upset by Grimm in a close election. I very much doubt that (m)any African-Americans voted for Grimm. McMahon, who, as Machine Democrats have done traditionally, expected lots of black votes. I went into more detail in UP FRONT News, a paper understandably read by plenty of African-Americans who pretty much boycott the multi-billionaire Donald Newhouse-owned Staten Island Advance, correctly described by First Central Baptist Church Pastor Rev. Dr. Demetrius S. Carolina, Sr, as a "controlled" newspaper, and by Staten Island African-American political activist Kelvin Alexander as "racist." McMahon did not get the black votes he anticipated and as a result he lost.
   Among the groups that have endorsed Mike McMahon is the Patrolman's Benevolent Association, whose president, the much less than "benevolent" Patrick Lynch, is on record as praising P.O. Daniel ("Chokehold") Pantaleo as a great cop. One of the iconic lines of The Who's political rock 'n' roll anthem about dictatorship urges us, "Don't get fooled again!"
   Some weeks ago I spent about 20 minutes with Republican candidate Joan Illuzzi and her campaign manager ex-Congressman Grimm staffer Nick Iacono at her campaign headquarters in New Dorp and expressed my view that, while the grand jury testimony in the Eric Garner case is remaining secret - at least for the time being - there is nothing to prevent P.O. Pantaleo, who as far as I am aware, lied in claiming that he did not use a choke hold on Eric Garner and instead brought Mr Garner down with a "seat belt maneuver", from releasing his own statement as to what took place that day in Tompkinsville. I'd also like to know if any of the cops there witnessed Mr. Garner selling untaxed cigarettes on that occasion. I suggested to Ms. Illuzzi that she issue a statement calling upon Pantaleo to do release a statement accordingly. She told me that she'd think about it I of course left all the email and telephone contact information for me and for UP FRONT News Media Representative Andrew Mazzone .
  A couple of weeks later, getting no communication from Ms. Illuzzi I dropped in at her campaign HQ again an spent about 15 minutes with campaign worker Joe Shikhman, also a former Grimm staffer. I reviewed the detail of my conversation with Ms. Illuzzi, stating that I hadn't gotten a reply regarding my suggestion. He assured me that I'd get an e-mail. He lied!
 My followup e-mail and call have generated only silence. 
  Ms. Illuzzi is under the illusion that she can get elected by relying on "conservative" votes from the largely white and Republican neighborhoods in Mid-Island and the South Shore. And so she has Rudy Giuliani in the pages of the Advance promoting her. Giuliani beat David Dinkins for the mayoralty in the last millennium with a lot of Republican votes from Staten Island. Ms. Illuzzi does not take into account the passage of time and history. Giuliani gave us a corrupt police commissioner, made some very bad guesses regarding document storage at the World Trade Center and saw his presidential aspirations evaporate.
Rudy Giuliani was popular in Staten Island long before Eric Garner was killed.
  I've spoken to very politically knowledgeable people in North Shore S.I who do not even know who Ms. Illuzzi is. I've spoken to Democrats who will not vote for McMahon and for whom Joan Illuzzi is a political phantom McMahon and his Democratic Party machine are outspending Illuzzi by a large margin. The trash cans at the S.I. Ferry terminals are full of McMahon literature.
 Experienced S.I. political activist Dennis Dellangelo has sent me an e-mail stating his agreement with my assessment that Ms. Illuzzi, who has essentially ignored the black vote, and the North Shore in general, will probably lose.
  In any event it is an indication of the fundamentally corrupt nature of Staten Island politics, buttressed by a corrupt mega-corporate newspaper, also known as "The Staten Island Retreat", that an election for District Attorney is taking place in a borough which is home to what is probably the only police lynching in a northern state in many decades and also home to a (s)elected official, NYS Senator Diane Savino, whose Chief of Staff, Robert Cataldo, is a criminal and, as succinctly stated to me by Democratic Party official and President of the Council of Jewish Organizations of Staten Island Mendy Mirocznik, "Is a member of the Sicilian Mob."
  And from Mike McMahon and Joan Illuzzi nothing but dead silence on the killing of Eric Garner and the political mob in Staten Island.
  This is a good election to boycott.
  Happy Hallowe'en! McMahon "vs." Illuzzi? Trick or trick.
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UP FRONT News   October 10, 2015
"The paper that won't be bought and can't be sold."
Published by Tom Weiss
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Allen Smith - Economics Reporter
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  The views expressed in UP FRONT News are those of the publisher or of the contributing writer and do not necessarily represent the view of staff.
     In 2010 Congressman Michael McMahon, the Democratic Party Machine candidate seeking re-election and being challenged by Republican Michael Grimm, campaigned heavily in Staten Island's African-American communities, e.g. Stapleton and Tompkinsville to see to it that black voters, most, but certainly not all of whom are enrolled Democrats - get to the polls and vote in a Congressional district that is home to a lot of Republicans. While campaigning for the African-American vote Mr. McMahon made certain not to mention his political behavior when he was in the New York City Council regarding a Council resolution that had been introduced in Council-member Al Vann (D.-Bklyn.) that called for the renaming of several blocks of a street in Bedford-Stuyvesant after the late African-American activist Sonny Carson. A number of neighborhood community organizations in Brooklyn, very appreciative of Mr. Carson's activities in battling drug traffickers and also in the development of Medgar Evers College, had urged the Council to honor him with the street name change.
   Mr. Carson had a history of confrontations that pitted him against white and sometimes Jewish landlords and political interests and his rhetoric used the language of black power and nationalism. He was depicted as anti-white and sometimes as anti-Semitic. He denied the latter accusation.
   In the days and weeks preceding the Council vote, a number of politicians, in particular Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his #1 ally in the Council, Speaker Christine Quinn  (who some years later did some heavy arm-twisting to get the Council to agree to allow Bloomberg to run for a third term) went on an anti-Carson campaign, depicting the late activist as the equivalent of a black Hitler. Among those who most vigorously counter-attacked was then NYC Council member (and now NYS Assembly member) Charles Barron (D.-Bklyn.)
  As I was outside City Hall on my way to attend the Council meeting at which Mr. Vann's resolution was to be debated and voted on I encountered NYC Council member (and now NYS Senator) Tony Avella (D.-Queens). Mr. Avella and I had become quite well acquainted politically when, at my urging, he introduced a NYC Council Resolution which called for the removal of the 2008 Olympic Games from China because of the brutal occupation of Tibet. (That resolution, whose co-sponsors included then NYC Council member and now NYC Public Advocate Letitia James, was killed by Speaker Quinn, an act of de facto political loyalty to her pal, then U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton who, like her husband, places her ties to the corporate China Lobby on a higher priority than human rights in Tibet.) As Mr. Avella was entering City Hall grounds I asked him how he was planning to vote on the Sonny Carson resolution. He said he hadn't decided. He agreed to listen to my views. I told him that, as far as I was concerned, aside from the fact that the Bloomberg/Quinn bombast was way over the top, the issue was one of self-determination and that the communities affected, e.g. Bedford-Stuyvesant, had a right to honor their heroes. I urged him to vote in favor of the resolution.
  I sat in the packed balcony in the City Council Chamber and noted with interest as Council member Barron, chatted, apparently amiably, with then NYC Council member (and now Staten Island Borough President) James Oddo (R.-S.I.). Mr. Avella then went over and had a fairly long chat with Mr. Barron - out of earshot from the balcony.  
   During the debate, the most vigorous support for Mr. Vann's resolution came, not at all surprisingly, from Mr. Barron. Several African-American and Latino council members expressed their opposition to the resolution, generally in moderate language, as did most of the white members. As I recall there was silence when Mr. Avella, one of two non-African-Americans to vote in favor of the resolution the other was Rosie Mendez (D.-Manh.), announced his support..
   Council member McMahon's quite impassioned speech mirrored the denunciations of Carson that had had been voiced several times, with major media coverage, particularly in the tabloids.
   The resolution was defeated - although the vote was much closer than had been anticipated in a Council that Quinn ruled Vladimir Putin-style.
   And inasmuch as the Staten Island Advance is known more for the political news that it suppresses rather than for the sometimes intentionally biased and inaccurate articles it publishes, I wrote some articles in UP FRONT News about McMahon vs. Sonny Carson and made certain to reference that in a talk I gave before a full house congregation at Rev. Dr. Demetrius S. Carolina, Sr.'s largely African-American First Central Baptist Church in Stapleton. It is a fact that numbers of African-Americans understandably boycott the Advance, a paper has has been correctly described by Dr. Carolina as "controlled" and also characterized by the well-known Staten Island African-America political activist Kelvin Alexander as "the most racist paper in New York." I've been dealing with the political reporters and editors at the Advance for years and as far as I am concerned the unstated mission of that multi-billionaire- owned paper is to protect the politically entrenched regardless of party and thereby to cover up political corruption (some of which involves for example NYS Senator Diane Savino (D.-S.I./Bklyn.) her explosive Chief of Staff Robert Cataldo and the Mob). Politically speaking the Staten Island Advance is arguably the most dishonest newspaper in New York. There are plenty of African-Americans who read UP FRONT News. (That is also true in the Jewish community in S.I.)
    As noted in McMahon's re-election campaigning at First Central he somehow made no mention of the Sonny Carson matter.
    Incumbents rarely lose elections in New York. Michael McMahon lost to Grimm in a close vote.
    I doubt very much that many African-Americans voted for Grimm. And I believe that Michael McMahon got far fewer black votes than he and his pals in the Democratic Party machine anticipated.
    It is incredible to me that an election for District Attorney in Staten Island, where Eric Garner was in fact lynched by a member of the New York Police Department, a matter mishandled by the grand jury, is not being addressed in the campaign for District Attorney to replace Dan Donovan, who may very well know that P.O. Daniel Pantaleo lied to the grand jury.
    Michael McMahon has been endorsed by the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, led by Patrick Lynch, who is on record as having praised Pantaleo as a great cop.
    Some weeks ago I visited the campaign office of Republican candidate Joan Illuzzi. Setting politics aside, there is no question that, at least with me, her manners are far better than those of the high-handed McMahon or some of his belligerent (former?) staffers such as Bill Taitt, who has harassed me physically on two occasions.
  During what was a perhaps 15 minute conversation I had with Ms. Illuzzi and her campaign manager Nick Iacono, I expressed my view that Pantaleo may be getting away with murder and that she should at least consider my suggestion that she urge Pantaleo to come clean with his own statement, which he could do by press release or at a very well guarded press conference - which I would be ready to attend.
   Ms. Illuzzi is a Republican and has lined up the support of Rudolph Giuliani. That will not help her get African-American votes.
   Mike McMahon is definitely going for the African-American vote and very definitely not talking at all about being endorsed by the PBA or his record vis a vis Sonny Carson. I am not voting for Mike McMahon.
   I hope that Joan Illuzzi agrees that justice as not been served in the Eric Garner case, and takes a second look at the videotape and at P.O. Pantaleo.
* * * * * * * 

Thursday, October 15, 2015


UP FRONT News    October 14, 2015
"The paper that won't be bought and can't be sold."
Published by Tom Weiss
Andrew Mazzone - Media Representative and Economics Advisor
Steven Gradman - Political Consutant
Allen Smith - Economics Reporter
  The views expressed in UP FRONT News are those of the publisher or of the contributing writer ansd do no necessarily represent the views of staff.
     When Bernie Sanders announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for president, some people, perhaps from the ultra-left, suggested that he was nothing more than a stalking horse for Mrs. Clinton and that, should she become the Democratic Party nominee, he would support her. The reality is that there is widespread disaffection with Mrs. Clinton among Democrats, progressive and otherwise, about a political insider with a greedy streak that explains her demands for $300,000 per speaking engagement - plus free hummus -, her and her husband's deep ties to Wall Street, which includes the China Lobby (which profits from China's brutal and illegal occupation of formerly independent Tibet), and her recurrently adversary relationship with the truth.
  What is being referred to not only by Republicans as the "e-mail scandal" is the a manifestation of Mrs. Clinton's penchant for secrecy (which is not synonymous with privacy) and deviousness, both traits she shares with her husband, who has a history of keeping secrets not only from the public but also from his wife.
   For some reason it is necessary to repeat the reality that Hillary Clinton is not trustworthy - a very widespread character trait in politicians, particularly dangerous in presidents and their administrations. (See also Richard Nixon, George W. Bush/Big Dick Cheney, Bill Clinton).
  During the Democratic candidates debate, while Bernie Sanders - who is certainly no longer a fringe candidate, even as he calls himself as small "d" democratic "socialist" - was very impressive as he repeatedly focused on economic inequality and the ripoffs on behalf of the one percent by the big banks, which Mr. Sanders states need to be "broken up." His urging people to ignore Hillary's e-mail mess, however, was ill-advised because, by focusing on a symptom, he was overlooking the basic problem, which is that Hillary Clinton is sneaky - not a quality that we want in a president. The post-debate e-mail I received from Bernie's Campaign Manager Jeff Weaver asserts that Bernie's urging the voters to ignore the e-mail matter generated the largest applause from those at the debate in Las Vegas. Mr. Weaver may have overlooked the likelihood that most of that applause came from supporters of the grateful Mrs. Clinton.
   It was candidate Lincoln Chafee who pulled no punches in reminding the public, citing what he described as the inexcusable Hillary blunder of voting for the U.S. invasion of Iraq, accepting the Big Dick Cheney "weapons of mass destruction" political fiction, and then suggesting (again) that she end her candidacy. Mr. Chafee stated firmly that her vote in favor of the invasion was an indication of Mrs. Clinton's seriously impaired judgement. Her judgement regarding e-mail accounts is no better.   
   I've dealt with Bill and Hillary Clinton very directly primarily on the issue of China and Tibet. Their loyalties to some of the same corporations that Bernie Sanders criticizes so persistently and eloquently is much deeper than any concerns Mrs. Clinton may have about the horrendous human rights situation in Occupied Tibet.
  Being tied to Wall Street can impair one's judgement.
  CNN's Anderson Cooper was sharp in his questions.during the debate. He did however overlook the China issue. To his credit candidate Jim Webb referenced the very real threat of China's belligerence in Asia and the aversion of the Chinese Communist government to human rights.
  In response to a number of phone and e-mailed communications from me, Mr. Sanders had his then U.S. Senate Press Secretary Jeff Frank send me an e-mail on May 21 in which Mr. Sanders calls for "self-determination for the Tibetan people", reported exclusively in UP FRONT News. I hope that from this point on Bernie Sanders spends less time in making nice with Hillary about her e-mails and more time calling for a free Tibet.
 * * * * * * *
c.c. Newsday, NY Times, Daily News
       Congressional Executive Commission on China

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UP FRONT News    November 7, 2013  Re-release October 12, 2015
"The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold."

Published by Tom Weiss
Andrew Mazzone - Media Representative and Economics Advisor, UP FRONT News
Steven Gradman - Political Consultant, UP FRONT News
Lehman Weichselbaum - Arts Editor and Reporter, UP FRONT News
www,tomsupfrontnews@yahoo.com  tomfreejournalist@gmail.com  tomsufn@hotmail.com
  The views expressed in UP FRONT News are those of the publisher or the contributing writer and do not necessarily reflect the views of staff.

   A terrorist is defined as a person who engages in the unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological reasons. What follows is a list of terrorists - none of whom are necessarily screaming "God is great!" in Arabic, or carrying explosive devices in their shoes or underwear or concealed behind heavy jackets in hot weather. There is no evidence suggesting that any of them are members of the Taliban, al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, the Khmer Rouge,
Shining Path, the KKK or similar organizations. All, however, have actively violated my civil rights by physically attacking me and/or threatening to do so for political reasons.
   Geoffrey Blank. Mr. Blank, a resident of Rockaway Park, Queens, has on numerous occasions threatened me explicitly, on one occasion making non-accidental hostile physical contact with me, often at No Police State Coalition speakouts in Union Square in Manhattan. Blank is a known apostle of the notorious megalomaniacal racist fascist and convicted felon and paranoid conspiracy theorist Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr, a known advocate and practitioner of political violence. Blank is one of the thankfully quite rare nominal Jews who is openly sympathetic to Jew-haters and Holocaust deniers such LaRouche and former Iranian dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. That is why Geoffrey Blank is known to readers of UP FRONT News as "The Jewzi."
   Karl Rosenstein is also a self-hating Jew and pal of the neo-fascist Geoffrey Blank. Rosenstein who has described himself as an "anarchist Communist" and is said to be a Lower East Side squatter, has threatened me on so many occasions I've lost count. One one occasion as I was entering the sometimes extremist-friendly Theatre 80 on St. Mark's Place in the East Village for a Rev. Billy show and Rosenstein was leaving, he went berserk and assaulted me, bellowing that I had reported him to the FBI. He was wrong. Because his pal Blank had threatened me on multiple occasions while I was a Democratic write-in candidate for the U.S. Senate against then incumbent Hillary Clinton, I made a complaint against Blank to the Federal Election Commission and, at the FEC's urging, subsequently, to the FBI. Any FBI investigation of Blank and LaRouche would soon arrive at the name of Karl Rosenstein.
   Pete Dolack, a pal of Blank and Rosenstein, will also presumably turn up on an FBI data base. Dolack, who, like the late Josef Goebbels, fancies himself a "poet", is in the habit of criminally harassing me at poetry readings by calling the cops to arrest me. Dolack, a pseudo-ultra "leftist", is a member of the dictatorially run pro-China International Action Center/Workers World cult and a supporter of the Communist China, which has been perpetrating a racist genocide in illegally occupied Tibet for over 60 years. Dolack hates me because I am a supporter of a Free Tibet. Dolack and fellow troll Rosenstein give credence to the substance of Randy Newman's satirical musical masterpiece about "Short People." They are political bedbugs.
   David Jones, from Staten Island, parades (charades) as a "peace" activist. For years this explicit threat-spewing Jew-disliker served as the enforcer at Peace Action of Staten Island (PASI), whose (belatedly retired) obedient president was his wife Sally Jones. Some years ago David Jones, a known and quite public Israel-basher, went totally berserk and tried to physically assault me at a PASI event in front of the First Central Baptist Church in Stapleton, Staten Island. His apparently planned attack occured shortly before the arrival of FCBC Pastor Rev. Dr. Demetrius S. Carolina, Sr. Perhaps the most politically disturbing aspect of David Jones is that he continues to be perhaps the closest political associate of City Councilmember Debi Rose, a classic Tammany Hall-style self-interest-obsessed Democratic Party Machine politician, who is in the habit of surrounding herself with political thugs such as David Jones and Antonio Whitaker, who is one of the perps (Ms. Rose is the co-perp) in my NYPD complaint # 2011-001-05817 against them for criminally harassing me at my scheduled meeting with her at 250 Broadway on July 6, 2011. Ms. Rose's attempt to have me arrested although I was behaving completely lawfully as she was covering up evidence that my civil rights had been violated at several government-contracted senior citizens centers is known to the NYC Department of Investigation, which requested my report. Ms. Rose had the incredibly poor taste to have the Jew-disliker and Ahmadinejad defender David Jones with her for her visit to the October 27, 2013 to the legislative breakfast of the Council of Jewish Organizations of Staten Island. If, as Karl Marx prophesied, we are heading for a classless society Debi Rose is right there. She has absolutely no class!
   Mike ("Dismay") May has for years paraded (charaded) as the resident radical of Staten Island. He has been an organizer of events for Peace Action of Staten Island. He had the unbelievably fascistic bad taste to invite the already thoroughly UP FRONT News-exposed Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. apostle Geoffrey Blank to an "anti-War" event in Tappen Park in Stapleton, S.I. some years ago. That necessitated my exercizing my free speech rights to expose the neo-fascist Blank right in front of May and everyone else, including guest speaker civil right lawyer Norman Siegel. May tried to convert the now apparently moribund Occupy Staten Island into a LaRouche-style pseudo ultra-left autocracy - collaborating with the sometimes physically out of control Ugo Duran and Duran's girl friend Julene Garcia, who sent me an e-mail in May, 2012 that was so offensively racist that I only release copies upon e-mailed request. May does not hold his alcohol well, and also,
even during apparent interludes of sobriety, also has a problem in keeping his hands to himself and on one occasion had to be restrained from assaulting me by PASI activist and Vietnam vet, the very physically fit Bill Johnsen.
   Robert Cataldo, the Chief of Staff to NYS Senator Diane Savino, the perp in my NYPD complaint # 2006-120-8244, charitably listed as only "criminal harassment", Robert Cataldo is a nutcase. It was in 2006, when I was homeless and staying in a hotel and my cashed Social Security check had been stolen when I visited NYS Senator Diane Savino's office at 36 Richmond Terrace in Staten Island because I needed an elected official's letter to go to the Commissioner of the U.S. Social Security Administration in order for me to receive an expedited S.S. check. I was given an appointment for the following day with Robert Cataldo, whom I had never met. Because of my political activities, which had been reported in the mainstream and "alternative" media - and intentionally misreported - in New York's worst newspaper, the billionaire Donald Newhouse-owned Staten Island Advance, Cataldo knew who I was.
   I arrived on time to find Ms. Savino's reception area empty. I waited several minutes and, when no one appeared, announced my presence. Within a few seconds, a male (Cataldo) came hurtling out of a rear office bellowing profanities, falsely accusing me of having sexual relations with my mother and threatening me with both violence and arrest. This went on for several minutes and when Cataldo came within a few centimeters of my face in full 100% psychotic mode, I left.
   When I called Savino's office the next day, she picked up the phone. When I reported Cataldo's meltdown - which, had it occurred in public, would have generated a flurry of 911 calls and an NYPD-arranged trip in cuffs to the 120th precinct or an ambulance to the nearest psychiatric ER and a presumably involuntary psychiatric commitment, Ms. Savino's response to my description of Cataldo's breakdown was to say, "Oh, don't worry about Cataldo." Cataldo has since protected himself by seeing to it that I receive no services from Sen. Savino and also the pathetic and obsequious Assemblymember Matthew ("No Saint") Titone, the first "gay wrong" (s)elected state legislator from Staten Island.
   Because I have been boycotted by "The Unholy Trinity" (Rose/Titone/Savino) of North Shore ("NoSho") Staten Island, it has been necessary for me to get constituent services from NYS Assemblymember Joan Millman (D.-Bklyn.) who chairs the Assembly Committee on Aging.
Ms. Millman's legislative aide is Chloe Rivera, who claims to know something about corruption and criminality in the state legislature with her accusations against ex-Assemblymember Vito Lopez that he groped her and her lawsuit against Mr. Lopez and also against Assembly Speaker Sheldon ("Thirty Pieces of") Silver for covering up for Lopez. (There have been major stories, with photographs, on Ms. Rivera's allegations in The New York Times, the NY Post and other media.) Ms. Rivera very politely and quite thoroughly has assisted me on various matters including the butchery of my SNAP (Food Stamp) recertification application by an inept, negligent, rude and presumably grossly overpaid NYC Human Resources Administration bureaucrat named Steven Dickerson. A few weeks ago I had a long meeting with Ms Millman, during which she agreed to continue to assist me and also agreed to send e-mails to Sen. Savino and Assemblymember Titone reminding them that I live in
their districts and of their constituent services responsibilities to me. I suggested that Ms. Millman make certain to send the Savino e-mail not to her Senate office but rather to Savino's personal e-mail addresses, which Ms. Savino had personally given me.
   Ms. Millman proceeded to blow it. Her e-mail, wrongly sent to Savino at her Senate e-mail address was - predictably - hijacked by Cataldo. Cataldo employed the tactic typically used by the corrupt; putting nothing into writing, he called Millman (keeping everything off the written record) and spoke to the evidently now easily intimidated Chloe Rivera, stating that Sen. Savino would not assist me. After I reminded Ms. Millman about Savino's personal e-mail addresses, although I had already provided Millman with those addresses, I received an e-mail from Millman's generally amiable Deputy Chief of Staff Michael Czaczkes requesting that I send Savino's personal e-mail addresses to Millman again. I did.
   That is when Millman began stalling. Ms. Rivera, after having consented to posing for to huge photos and flaunting her anti-Lopez, anti-Silver game-face for The Times and the Post, she had the poor taste to complain when I mentioned her name in an article about the bureaucratic nightmare that is the NYC Human Resources Administration, i.e. HRA (aka in UP FRONT News as the Hopeless Robot Administration). Chloe Rivera seems to exploit a sort of a Lindsey Lohan-style on-off relationship with the media.
   Days went by and the promised followup letter from Millman to Savino to her personal e-mail addresses never materialized. The last time I stopped at Millman's office, a couple of weeks ago, as I approached the door Millman and her Chief of  Staff Ann (sp.?) Strahle literally ran to the door to block my way, and, although I did not enter, made some non-injury causing physical contact with me. Millman, without stating a reason, told me that she will no longer assist me. I left.
   I later received an e-mail from Strahle repeating her refusal to assist me and stating that they had made a report (about what I don't know) about me to the NYPD. That of course necessitates my filing a complaint against Ms. Millman, who got a little too physical protecting her tax- payer-financed office in a high rent heavily gentrified area of Brooklyn.
   And so NYS Assemblymember Joan Millman has evidently folded like a house of cards and allowed herself to be intimated by a terrorist named Robert Cataldo on the loose in the New York State Legislature.
    And so the New York State Legislature continues to deserve its rating by the NYU Brennan Institute of Justice as "the worst state legislature in the country and North Shore Staten Island continues to earn its UP FRONT News rating as the most corrupt political community in New York.
* * * * * * *


UP FRONT News    October 5, 2015                     
"The paper that won't be bought and can't be sold."
Published by Tom Weiss
Andrew Mazzone - Medias Representative and Economics Advisor
Steven Gradman - Political Consultant
Allen Smith - Economics Reporter
www.tomsupfrontnews.blogspot.com     tomfreejournalist@gmail.com    tomsupfrontnews@yahoo.com
    The views expressed in UP FRONT News are those of the publisher or of the contributing writer and do not necessarily represent the views of staff.
   Among the first cover-ups in recorded history was Cain's post-murder "Am I my brother's keeper?" response to God's query as to what happen to Abel.  Lies and cover-ups of course abound in the Bible - both Testaments. History's worst crimes are of course covered up by the perpetrators and those,  e.g. in government and the media, who cover up for them.
  When reports of the mass murders of Jews by the Nazis began trickling out and some reporters showed up in the Third Reich, Hitler was ready and the journalists at the doors of the concentration camps were greeted by smiling Jews, some playing classical music, who said that everything's okay and the Nazis are treating us nicely.
   The fact that Communist China has turned illegally occupied formerly independent Tibet into a virtual concentration camp in which over a million Tibetans have died since the Chinese invasion of 1951 goes essentially unreported in both the mainstream and so-called "alternative" media - although reports of self-immolations by protesting Tibetan monks and various atrocities committed by the Chinese military and police do leak out and make their way into some media.  The Chinese Communist-aided and abetted Khmer Rouge genocide that resulted in the deaths of a 1.7 Cambodians went unreported until Dith Pran and Sydney Shanberg wrote about "The Killing Fields."
   More domestically and less lethally, Richard Nixon's involvement in the Watergate crime was successfully covered up for awhile until a couple of reporters at the Washington Post met "Deep Throat." Bill Cosby has prospered via the cover-up as, no doubt, have oodles of (political and entertainment) celebrities-
   John Gotti benefited from the art of the cover-up to the point where he achieved the status of the "Teflon Don." And while numerous mobsters have wound up with long prison terms, the fact remains that the political mob continues to be protected by at least some of the media. And so we turn to the multi-billionaire Donald Newhouse-owned Staten Island Advance, arguably the most politically corrupt newspaper in New York - and perhaps America.
   My first dealings with the Staten Island Advance, back in the 1980's, were positive. As a resident in a loft in rapidly gentrifying TriBeCa in Lower Manhattan, a neighborhood that was part of what was part of what was then the 17th congressional district that included much of Lower Manhattan and all of Staten Island, I decided to run against machine Democrat Congressman John Murphy, who compiled a record that justified then Village Voice journalist Jack Newfield as headlining his front page article on Murphy, "The Worst Congressman." Murphy had enriched himself through bribery-saturated relationships with a slew of oil barons and dictators such as the Shah of Iran and Anastasio Somoza of Nicaragua. Murphy was in bed with some of the most predatory real estate developers in New York, including some who were busy terrorizing and evicting working class loft tenants (such as myself) from our homes.
  And so when no Democrat wanted to challenge the crook John Murphy in a primary I decided to run. Among the reporters I contacted was Michael Azzara, then the Political Editor of the Staten Island Advance. We did a couple of interviews, which resulted in two articles by Mr. Azzara published in the Advance. The first contained the essentials of my announcement of my candidacy and the second reported my proposal for a possible resolution of the political confrontation between the U.S,. and Ayatollah Khomeini-ruled Iran, who demanded the return of the seriously ill Shah, who was hospitalized here. Presumably had the Shah been returned to Iran he would have suffered the same fate that his government had imposed on dissidents - the gallows. I had suggested that the responsibility for the care the Shah be transferred to the United Nations. My proposal was accurately reported in an Azzara article in the Advance.
  When NYC Councilmember Mary Codd a progressive Staten Islander, with whom I was acquainted, decided to challenge Murphy, I dropped out and supported her. In fact my UP FRONT News endorsement of Mrs. Codd and my campaign literature exposing Murphy's ties to the loftlords got Mrs. Codd a great many votes in the Manhattan part of the district where she had been relatively unknown. John Murphy ultimately lost to Republican Guy Molinari. And after Murphy got caught on videotape accepting a suitcase full of cash from a fake sheik in an FBI sting operation in a Kennedy Airport area motel room, he was arrested, indicted, tried and convicted and imprisoned in the very famous "Abscam" case.      
  Since Michael Azzara left his position as Political Editor of the Staten Island Advance the quality of political journalism there has plummeted.
  My move to Staten Island in 2004 occurred when I was homeless, having some years previously become a victim of one of John Murphy's (and Ed Koch's) loftlord pals, Thomas Berger, who purchased 190-A Duane Street in TriBeCa and, within days of buying the building (at a bargain price), ordered me to vacate. I said "no", which began what became a 16 year battle in the courts and the streets as Berger (an Orthodox Jew, from Forest Hills, by the way) literally terrorized me with some violence and by seeing to it that there was no heat or water in the building for 51/2 years. Berger, for whom The Ten Commandments did not apply during business hours, absolutely hated me in part because I exposed him in UP FRONT News as "The Greed Merchant of TriBeCa" and for my activities in pestering legislators to pass a bill extending rent "stabilization" to loft tenants. Berger, the founder of the loftlord organization called the Association of Commercial Property Owners (ACPO), was quite open in his view that any kind of rent protection for loft tenants was Bolshevism. With help help from a corrupt judge Berger succeeded in evicting me for the crime of allowing someone to play a flute at a poetry reading in my home. As Jack Paar used to say, "I kid you not."
  My homelessness notwithstanding, I decided to become perhaps the first homeless person to run for the U.S. Senate when early in 2005 I decided to challenge Hillary Clinton as a Democratic write-in candidate. I made that decision for several reasons. 1.) Both she and he husband were (and are) directly involved in the political cover-up of the ongoing Chinese Communist genocide in illegally occupied formerly independent Tibet. 2.) Mrs. Clinton had refused to serve as a sponsor of the Bringing America Home Act, a major peace of legislation to address the problem of homelessness in America that had been introduced in the House by U.S. Representative Julia Carson (D.-Indiana). 3.) On a more personal level, although Mrs. Clinton had once assisted me on a Social Security matter, when a similar problem recurred, she not only refused to assist me but had a staffer inform me that she had placed me under surveillance, which she followed up by having a staffer send a nasty e-mail about me to my brother in upstate New York. Quite evidently Mrs. Clinton had become aware of my very direct contact with her husband on the Tibet matter, which led to his involvement in my being arrested in the U.S. Capitol on the day before Bill Clinton's first inauguration when I arrived with my invitation to attend the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Committee January 19, 1993 hearing on Bill Clinton's nomination of Warren Christopher to be Secretary of State. Christopher was among those who had received my documents on the atrocities in Tibet and had suppressed them.
  As an announced candidate for the U.S. Senate, I called the Staten Island Advance and was immediately instructed to call Political Editor Tom Wrobleski, the Political Editor. He interviewed me in his Borough Hall office for over an hour. I answered all his questions and gave him copies of articles about me from The New York Times, Newsday (front page), The Daily News, the New York Post, the Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin, The New York Press, the Queens Tribune, Our Town and other media. I gave him the names and contact information for a number of people, some quite prominent, who could comment on my political and arts-related activities. At the end of the interview I asked him about coverage. Wrobleski's reply became the first of his evasions, which soon evolved into lies. He said, "Let's see how your campaign goes." He asked me to stay in touch with him by phone and e-mail. I did, as did my Press Representative at the time, Frank Deluca. I've said and written, if the International Olympics Committee were to include not answering calls and e-mails as an Olympic sport Tom Wrobleski would be a sure gold medal winner.
   Wrobleski 's first call to me occurred in August, 2005 when three newspapers, NYC Newsday, the Daily News, and The New York Times, did stories on the political blowout between then NYC Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum (a corrupt and paranoid politician with whom, via my family I've been acquainted since 1979) and me after Ms. Gotbaum defamed me during a televised campaign debate by suggesting that I was "stalking" her. Ms Gotbaum's bizarre fantasies along those lines apparently arose when I occasionally showed up as a journalist at events at which she appeared. Ms. Gotbaum did not like being around me as a journalist because I knew about her certainly potentially politically very embarassing secrets, such as her failed marriage to a CIA agent and her related adulteries. Wrobleski, having been scooped by Newsday (Dan Janison was the first to report the story, published in the NYC edition on August 26, 2005, in which he also reported my candidacy for the U.S. Senate against Hillary Clinton), nonetheless asked me for an "exclusive", a request I of course turned down because I had already spoken to other reporters. Wrobleski interviewed me over the phone. His story - which had a front page lead in the Advance, which appeared after Newsday, the Daily News and The New York Times had hit the streets throughout New York City and beyond - was journalistic pollution, as it was riddled with errors and carried a headline that was blatantly defamatory. If Tom Wrobleski went to journalism school, his professors let him off easy.
  Wrobleski then returned to non-reporting of my Senate campaign. I replied by writing a series of articles in UP FRONT News and in my Senate campaign blog at www.tomweissdemocratforussenate.blogspot.com documenting Wrobleski's dishonesties as Tom "Wrongleski." During a subsequent telephone conversation I had with Advance Editor Dean Balsamini, I suggested that he log onto my online articles about Wrobleski. He did and immediately bellowed into the phone, "You trashed my reporter!!, You trashed my reporter!!!!!" I told him that my critical reporting on Wrobleski would continue until Wrobleski started doing the job for which he is being paid, which is to report the news, not to censor it. A few days later I got a call from Wrobleski, who then did a telephone interview with me on my campaign for the Senate. His article was published on the front page of the Advance on August 21, 2006 (more than 1 1/2 years after face-to-face interview with him) under the headline "With the stroke of a pencil vote for anyone." I imagine that in journalism school Wrobleski might have escaped with a "C." Most of the article is devoted to a description of the the technicalities of running as a write-in candidate. Near the very end he reports my assertion that Hillary Clinton is negligent when it comes to the poor and that she is silent on the genocide in Tibet.
 Some months ago Tom Wrobleski left his position as Political Editor to become "Opinion Commentator." He remains as pompous, politically clueless and hypocritical as ever.
  He has been succeeded in his former role by Rachel Shapiro - who, based on my experience with her, may be worse than Wrobleski. Her one reference to me in the Advance last April when she covered a candidates forum in which I participate as a write-in candidate for congress in the May 5, 2015 special election in the 11th congressional distinct contained a major lie about me.
  Several protest letters received by Advance Editor-in-Chief  Brian Laline were not published.
  Back in 2006 when I was homeless and in an emergency situation warranting  the intervention of a local elected official I was given an appointment with Robert Cataldo, the Chief of Staff to New York State Senator Diane Savino (D.-S.I., Bklyn.)  I had never met Cataldo, who, however, certainly knew about my political activities (e.g. my challenge to Mrs. Clinton). When I got to Ms. Savino's district office one flight up at 36 Richmond Terrace, a short distance from the St. George, S.I. Ferry Terminal, for my scheduled appointment with Cataldo the door was open and I entered what appeared to be an unoccupied office. After a few minutes I announced my presence. At that point Cataldo came barreling out of a rear office, screaming threats and insults, including an accusation that I was having sexual relations with my mother and then backed me up against a wall and for several minutes literally terrorized me. I managed to squeeze my way out and left the office, When I subsequently spoke to Savino by phone, in response to my telling her what had occurred she said, "Oh, don't worry about Cataldo."
   It was only with the personal assistance of Sgt. Det.  Al Fiore, then with the NYPD's Intelligence Division, that I was able to file my criminal complaint against Robert Cataldo. The NYPD complaint is # 2006-120-8244. Because Robert Cataldo committed a major violation of my Constitutionally guaranteed civil rights it has been necessary to for me file a complaint also with the U.S. Department of Justice Loretta Lynch).
  A few months ago during a face-to-face conversation I had with Mendy Mirocznik, a top official in the Staten Island Democratic Party, who is also the President of the Council of Jewish Organizations of Staten Island, he told me that Robert Cataldo had similarly terrorized another victim and added the information that "Robert Cataldo is a member of the Sicilian Mob." That information has led me to file a formal complaint against Robert Cataldo and Diane Savino with the FBI.
  The Staten Island Advance has been knowledgeable about Cataldo attack on me for years inasmuch as I reported it to several reporters there including Advance journalist Judy Randall (no longer with the paper) l and the rest of the political staff. Ms. Randall responded with an e-mailed personal insult at me. From the rest: dead silence.
   Diane Savino has been protecting this explosive and dangerous mobster for years. The matter is well known to some of her political friends such as Rev. Dr. Tony Baker of the largely African-American St. Philips Baptist Church in S.I. (of which I am a member) and his very politically connected and quite authoritarian deacon John McBeth. Indeed at a meeting between me and Ms. Savino several months ago at St. Philips arranged at my request by Dr. Baker, Savino blatantly lied about the entire episode. The presumably Catholic Savino thereby becomes the spiritual and political opposite of Pope Francis and his Biblical and historical predecessors, including Moses and Jesus, both whom whom certainly obeyed the teachings of the Ninth Commandment, which expressly prohibits bearing false witness against others. Politicians such as Diane Savino and pal, her ethically challenged colleague NYS Assemblymember Matthew Titone (another product of the corrupt Staten Island Democratic Party Machine) lie.  Savino however really pushes the envelope by lying in a house of worship in the presence of the Pastor. Dr. Baker during my conversation with him before he schedukled the meeting with Savino, in which I filled him in on everything, smiled when I mentioned Robert Cataldo and revealed that he had served as the minister for Cataldo's marriage. Pressumably, Robert Cataldo's behavior was less psychotic on that occasion. Hopefully Senator Savino leaves office no later than December 31, 2016, but if she manages to hoodwink the public into getting re(s)elected, it would inappropriate for her to take an oath (mis)using the Bible. Perhaps she can use the Staten Island Advance instead.
  In his capacity as my Press Representative when I was running for the U.S. Senate against Hillary Clinton, the aforementioned Frank Deluca had the unpleasant experience of talking by telephone on several occasions with Tom Wrobleski. Deluca, an experienced public relations professional, is a rather even-tempered sort. He was, however, unable to conceal his anger and frustration after several phone conversations with Wrobleski - who seemed incapable of giving a straight answer.
  Among Deluca's friends in the mainstream media is Keith Kelly, who writes the "Media Ink" column in the unabashedly right wing Rupert Murdoch-owned New York Post. Over the years the Post had always suppressed political my information embarrassing to some of its corrupt political heroes such as Ed Koch, who went after me when I exposed budget cut-caused patient deaths at NYC operated Queens Hospital Center in 1977-78 (a story reported accurately in Newsday's front page article on me published on in its Queens edition March 1, 1978); the Post also buried my exposure of Betsy Gotbaum regarding her bizarre "stalker" fantasies about me, accurately reported in NYC Newsday, the Daily News and The New York Times). (The former New York Post jazz columnist Chip Deffaa, whom I met when he and I were both guests to the Joe Franklin Show, did write an article published in the New York Post about the political controversy regarding performance events I was hosting in my former home, a loft in TriBeCa.)
  Keith Kelly apparently sees himself as a sort of media conscience and free press advocate, as he consistently berates and mocks that the local newspapers that are less right wing than the Post. That includes The New York Times and the Daily News and Newsday. Mr. Deluca agreed with me that, inasmuch as Tom Wrobeski was being journalistically unethical and violating the essence of press freedom and was engaging in news suppression, Keith Kelly might be interested in doing as story on my struggles with Tom Wrobleski at the Advance., And so at one of my regular meetings with Frank Deluca he called Keith Kelly at the Post. After some personal chit-chat between the two of them, Mr. Deluca told him my candidacy for the U.S. Senate against Hillary Clinton, of his work as my Press Representative and in some detail about the problems with Tom Wrobleski and the Staten Island Advance. Mr. Kelly agreed to speak with me directly.
  For the next fifteen minutes or so, I gave Keith Kelly a detailed history not only of my campaign and previous political work but of the very difficult dealings with Wrobleski and the Advance. Mr. Kelly asked me some questions, which I answered, and then told me that he was interested in covering that issue in his column and asked me to provide a "a little more" information.
 As it became apparent that the Staten Island Advance was covering up the story of Diane Savino's protecting her thug criminal of a Chief of Staff, Robert Cataldo I sent Mr. Kelly several e-mails No response.
 After I learned from Mendy Mirocznik, what I had suspected all along, i.e. that Robert Cataldo is a mobster, and discussed the matter in detail with a number of advisors, in particular of course my current Press Representative Andrew Mazzone - who, while not a public relations professional, is media savvy and knows a good political story when he sees one - I sent a copy of one of my UP FRONT News exposes to Mr. Kelly. No reply.
  And so, although Frank Deluca and I had been in only infrequent contact for some years, I contacted him again to talk about the Staten Island Advance censoring the news and our conversations with Keith Kelly at the New York Post.
When I last contacted Mr. Deluca he was working in a public relations capacity for a medical group in upstate New York with at least one very famous political patient. It took several calls and e-mails from me - and a call from Mr. Mazzone - before Mr. Deluca responded with an e-mail and suggested that we meet for coffee and talk about all this.
   For several weeks however, Mr. Deluca has not responded to multiple messages and e-mails asking him to suggest a date and time  for us to meet. 
 It is pretty much axiomatic that when a reporter does not respond to communications from another reporter on a sensitive political matter - such as a protected mobster working for a powerful politician - it has little or nothing to do with being "too busy." It is journalistic covering up.
   I don't know if Keith Kelly and/or Frank Deluca are seeing political podiatrists. If so, is the diagnosis "cold feet?"
   A few years ago I had a quite detailed conversation about the Advance with Rev. Dr. Demetrius S. Carolina, Sr., Pastor of the largely African-American First Central Baptist Church in Stapleton, S.I, where I've attended many services. Dr. Carolina is an important civil rights leader. He is a political scientist and on the faculty at several colleges in New Jersey. While, he does not live in Staten Island, he knows its politics well. He is close to Debi Rose, the first African-American from S.I. to be elected to the NYC Council. His comment to me about the Advance was shorter than his eloquent sermons, including one which which, at my urging, he denounced Communist China for its "genocide" in Tibet. Dr. Carolina said "The Staten Island Advance is a controlled newspaper." I agree.
  There are those who say that the Advance is a "Republican" paper. That is less than fully accurate, although the paper saw fit to endorse an already indicted congressman, Michael Grimm, and in fact had protected Grimm until The New York Times exposed some of Grimm's campaign contribution games.
   The Advance is in the business of protecting the politically entrenched, regardless of Party. And if that means protecting a Democratic politician, in this case Senator Diane Savino, who is protecting her mobster Chief of Staff, so be it.
  Some years ago during a conversation with Staten Island African-American political activist Kelvin Alexander (who had experienced some journalistic abuse by the Advance) I had at a Sonny Carson-related protest in Brooklyn organized by then NYC Councilmember, and now New York State Senator, Charles Barron Mr. Alexander quite emphatically said to me, "The Staten Island Advance is the most racist paper in New York." Some of the African-Americans I've spoken tin Staten Island, including UP FRONT News readers, have told me that they will not read the Staten Island Advance. Given the recurrently corrupt reporting by Tom Wrobleski and Rachel Shapiro and the de facto censorship of letters to Editor-in-Chief Brian Laline and the apparent one-percenter mentality of publisher Caroline Diamond Harrison, I cannot disagree with Kelvin Alexander's assessment.
   On October 3 the lead story in on the front page of the Advance was by Wrobeski, in which he nearly fractures his arm by patting himself on the back with his criticism of a neighbor who left a note on his car which was parked in front of her home in Stapleton. The accompanying article is by an Advance shill named Claire Regan, lauding Wrobleski as a "voice for the voiceless." Gimme a break! As far as I am aware the lady who complained about Wrobleski's car apparently misunderstands the facts about on street parking.
  And Tom Wrobleski remains one of the absolute worst reporters in New York and perhaps America.
  Rabbi Gerald Sussman, of Temple Emanu-el in Port Richmond, S.I., a true humanitarian and also an important civil rights leader in S.I., and a regular reader of UP FRONT News, subscribes to the New York Times and, for some reason, to the Staten Island Advance - a paper whose "religion" reporter Maura Grunlund, once told me over the phone that she was "too busy" to check out a story on political anti-Semitism in S.I. The Rabbi's wife, the very outspoken Bonnie Sussman, is an officer in a New York City foundation called Kulanu (www.kulanu.org) that that is deeply involved with Jewish communities in Africa, Central and South America, and Asia. Indeed it was at a service some years ago at the Temple that I met the guest speaker, a representative of the estimated 500,000 Jews living in Zimbabwe.
 The Sussmans and others in the Jewish community in Staten Island understand that it is not a good idea to rely on the Staten Island Advance for honest political coverage. The Rabbi - who does not avoid political issues in his sermons - told me that, when it comes to politics the Advance reports "nothing" and perhaps considers a story about a cat caught in a tree as a major expose. Perhaps almost as big as a neighbor parking in front of Tom Wrobleski's house.
   There are reasons why the Staten Island Advance qualifies as The Staten Island Retreat.
                                                                  * * * * * * *